Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We initially launched the Dallas Brights back in 2004 as a new student organization at U.T. Dallas. We then expanded it into a Meetup.com group open to all in the Dallas area. When Meetup.com changed their system in 2005, we stopped using their service and eventually our monthly meetings stopped as well.

For 2006, I am reviving and refocusing the Dallas Brights to serve as an area wide announcements list. We presently have more than ten related organizations in the Dallas area with a significant overlap in membership. The Dallas Brights announcements list can serve as a mechanism for reaching this community by posting to a single e-mail address.

As examples from within the last couple of years, our local community has hosted speakers from the American Atheists and the Ayn Rand Institute. Likewise, we recently announced a Moment of Silence case regarding church-state separation in a Dallas area public school. We also gathered together to celebrate Darwin Day. These are examples of local activism opportunities and special events of interest to our community which we can announce via the list.

The Dallas Brights might not need to meet as a separate group distinct from the many local organizations listed on our webpage anytime soon. We do, however, provide a general discussion list for socialization, sharing news, and seeking advice. Unlike the announcements list which is moderated for content, the discussion list is a free speech zone with only limited moderation to prevent spam.

While the volume on the discussion list might become excessive for some, the traffic on the announcements list should remain light with just a few notices each month. If you join just one of the lists, it should be the announcements list as notices will normally not be duplicated on the discussion list. If you have not done so already, I invite you to subscribe now.

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